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On demand 20220330

20220322 On Demand
Plaats van SIRT bij de behandeling van HCC

Dr. Bart Takkenberg, Prof. Marnix Lam, Dr. Koert de Jong, Dr. Mark Burgmans, Dr. Eric Tjwa, Dr. Linda de Wit - van der Veen

On demand 20211221
Decision making in the therapeutic jungle of aHCC: a Changing Treatment Dynamic

Prof. Dr. Ivan Borbath, Prof. Dr. Chris Verslype

On Demand NL 20210923
Urticaria in de huisartsenpraktijk

On demand 20210902
Why do we need another triple therapy in COPD

Professor Dr. Klaus F. Rabe

On demand 20210907
Highlights from ASCO 2021 and from the ESMO World Congress on GI cancer 2021

Prof. Dr. Eric Van Cutsem, Prof. Dr. Marc Peeters

On Demand 20210521 FR
Contraception et Thrombose Veineuse

Dr Laure Gilis, Prof Jean-Luc Squifflet, Valerie Thys